NikkieTutorials doing “okay”, she says in 1st video after armed robbery

NikkieTutorials released her first YouTube video since she and her fiance were robbed at gunpoint in their Uden home earlier this month. While the robbery left her shaken, she is doing okay, she said. “Even though I can’t tell you too much, because there is still a very ongoing investigation, I do want let you know that I am doing okay.”

“2020 has been a ride,” she said. “In this year I’ve got to do some of the most amazing things, but also shared my darkest days with you. And I can tell you today is one of those dark days.”

“Having one of those worst nightmares come true is very surreal. But it also puts a lot of things in perspective. Now more than ever, you realize that family is everything. And being in good health is even more important.”

She said that she may share more about the robbery one day. But right now that is impossible. “For my mental state, but also for the law. Because we’re trying to do everything to make this right.” She doesn’t want to interfere with the ongoing investigation.

The police are investigating the robbery. As far as is known, no arrests have been made yet.