Another night of unrest in Schilderswijk; 20 arrested

A group of rioters again caused problems in Schilderswijk in The Hague over night, throwing police officers with stones and fireworks, and setting fires, the police said. Over 20 people were arrested.

Early in the evening, community police officers and neighborhood prevention teams walked through the to talk to local residents and young people on the street. “The atmosphere was good until dozens of young people gathered around 11:00 p.m. and pelted police officers with eggs, stones and heavy fireworks. A garbage container was set on fire,” the police said. At around 2:30 a.m., a large group of people threw stones at police officers from the roofs.

A police patrol car was driving down Koningstraat to a report when someone threw a road sign through the car’s window, the police said. Later in the evening, someone smashed the window of a police crane in the area. The police are investigating this vandalism.

The Hague mayor Jan van Zanen issued an emergency decree around midnight, applying to the Hoefkade and Vaillantlaan area. The riot police were deployed to restore order in the neighborhood. Over 20 people were arrested for incitement, insult, public violence, and disregard of the emergency decree. One suspect was arrested for assaulting a cop.

According to the police, a video is circulating on social media of the driver of a white passenger car being arrested by a motorcycle police officer who used his baton in the arrest. “The suspect committed various traffic offenses and did not cooperate with his arrest,” the police said.

This was the second night of unrest in Schilderswijk. On Wednesday night, the police arrested four people after a night filled with vandalism, arson, and the police being pelted with stones and fireworks.